“Our partnership with Art to Heart started as a blend of a dream and passion.. The idea was only an image and vision in the mind of its founder and nothing more! The clarity of the idea in Suha’s mind, has enabled us at Drosos to imagine the dream with her and embody it as well! Today we see a successful realization of the dream on the ground, which contributed to creating hope and bringing smiles and happiness to the hearts of many children, their peers and their parents”.

Mrs. Reem Khalil, Regional Director, (Drosos Foundation, Palestine)
“I have a physical disability and I always look for opportunities to earn a living. I work with handmade embroidery and accessories and usually produce and sell pieces upon requests from my neighbors at the camp! I took part in a handicraft course with Art to Heart to learn new skills, and managed to practice what I learned during the course at home. I also had the chance to participate in a local exhibition for three days to display and sell my products. I’ve created a Facebook and Instagram pages to sell the products I produce!”
Suha Attia / Al Ain Camp, (A participant in the handicraft program)
“As a mother of two daughters, I am always looking for the best community institutions and recreational clubs to develop my daughters’ skills, integrate them with the local community, and ensure that they spend useful time, especially during the summer vacation. Art to Heart was a good choice for my daughters because it is an inclusive organisation that encourages the integration of people with disabilities with their non-disabled peers through recreational activities and creativity workshops and enhances mutual respect. ……. . My daughters are always eager to attend Art to Heart workshops and make sure to spend their summer holidays at Art to Heart summer club!“
Sima Abu Sham’a
“Curating “Accused” performance has been an exceptional experience that confirmed to me the important role that the art plays in changing the inner-souls, in building social relationships, and in making you feel proud of yourself! It’s the moment when you stand on the stage as a star, feeling proud of being productive, not helpless, while the audience are giving you a standing ovation!”
Sharaf Dazaid, (Accused Performance Curator)