Project Description

Drama for Autism

Training Course: Drama for Autism

In collaboration  with the global program “Drama for Autism”., Art to Heart  offers a specialized training in using applied drama as a techniques for communicating with persons with autism.

Specialists in the area of drama and autism from the world cooperated in preparing the material and modules, and it is presented in Palestine by specialists in autism, behavioral and developmental disorders, and drama therapy.

The program provides basic information about autism spectrum disorder that helps in understanding the spectrum and the characteristics of people with autism, in addition to focusing on using  applied drama, movement and ABA techniques as tools to enhancing  and developing the personal skills and the daily communication of persons with autism.

The course attendants will be able to use new drama techniques to enrich their tools and techniques.

The program does not grant students a license or accreditation to engage in specialized rehabilitation or treatment sessions with persons with autism.

The program targets: specialists working in the field of autism, occupational therapists, special education teachers,  psychologist , parents, students of arts and special education , shadow teachers, and the public in general.

Training program topics:

  • Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Applied Drama for Autism, Sensory Integration and Challenges , Mask for Autism , Theatrical games,  Role Plays,  Rehearsed Response ,  Using Comedy and humor,   Adaptation and integration of the individual with autism spectrum disorder through  theatrical techniques ,  Social Stories,  Drama and people skills, Autism and adolescence issues


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