Project Description

Training Program

This program aims to provide specialized training and workshops for persons with disabilities and the general public. It aims at enhancing technical capabilities, talents and hobbies, and educating the community about the importance of various artistic creations and their impact on their lives. The program includes:

  • Artistic skills development courses, including painting, music, drama, handicrafts, and the performing arts.
  • Drama for Autism Course; a training program offfered online and face-to-face. The program focuses on equipping specialists working with persons with autism spectrum disorders with drama techniques that help build their social life skills. the program targets : university students, artists, parents and the families of person with autistic, as well as the general mainstream public.
  • Psycho-social support through arts: the program aims to organize training workshops for institutions and facilitators working with children in marginalized places as well as with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. This program aims to achieve a long-term financial sustainability for Art to Heart through income-generating activities.

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