Board of Directors

Suha Khuffash (Chairwoman)

Suha holds a Master’s Degree in International Studies. She is a fellow of DeVos Institute of Art Management at the University of Maryland, USA, and a fellow of Singapore International Foundation’s global program “Art for Good”.

With over 18 years of experience working in the international cultural sector, Suha has excelled in program design, cultural management, and strategic planning.  As the Arts Program Manager for the British Council in Palestine (2008-2017), she managed the portfolio of local and regional arts projects designed to enhance intercultural dialogue and positive social change.

Her ethos is that the arts can empower marginalized communities and persons with disabilities by encouraging and inspiring creative self-expression, and providing them with safe and welcoming space where they can develop a sense of self-confidence and self-assurance. In 2018 Suha co-founded Art to Heart,  a new organization in Palestine that remains dedicated to using the arts in vulnerable communities to foster creativity and raise social awareness around issues associated with disability.

Read more about Suha Khuffash here

Bashar Nasser

Mr. Bashar has 14 years of experience in technical project management and corporate financial analysis. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Birzeit University. Bashar currently is the Head of Operations and Financial Operations Unit at the Paltel Group Corporation. He has occupied several positions, working in the Financial Applications Department at the Arab Company for Technologies, and being responsible  for the Budget and Financial Analysis Department at Solutions Company. As a person with a physical disability, he is a community activist supporting and advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities by joining many initiatives and associations working in this field. More about Bashar Nasser here.

Nedal Zahran

Nedal is a Business Development professional with over 15 years of experience in project design, monitoring and evaluation, strategy, research, and consultancy with non-profits, UN agencies, and international organizations. His expertise extends to economic development, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, small business development, and education with specific interest in the intersection of ICT and development. Nedal is the Business Development Manager at Leaders International. He holds a BA in Economics from Birzeit Univeristy and an MA in International Development from the University of Manchester. As a cofounding member of Leaders International, Nedal has led on the organisation’s business development activities, contributing to its consistent growth and ambitious strategy. More about Nedal here

Sireen Hoso

Sireen is a lawyer and human rights and feminist activist. She holds a BA in law from An-Najah National University, a higher diploma in law and a Master’s degree in Development and Gender Studies from Birzeit University. Sireen works in project management and is an expert in the justice sector, human rights, and women with a number of international and Palestinian institutions. Read more about Sireen Hoso here

Reem Ghazal

She holds a BA in Accounting from An-Najah National University. She has extensive experience working in finance, both in the private and public sectors. She is a community activist working with women from marginalized and poor groups. She volunteered with many community youth initiatives during her undergraduate years.

Rabee Khuffash

Rabee has a wide experience in financial management and business administration in a number of sectors, including higher education, trade, telecommunications and insurance. He has worked in a number of leadership positions and is currently the Director of Operations at Ajman University in the United Arab Emirates. His experience extends to financial management, budget management, procurement, human resources, information technology, facilities management, infrastructure, medical services, and health and safety systems. He also led important consultancy in a number of important consulting projects in a number of fields, including human resource structuring, risk management systems, financial evaluation, business plans, and feasibility studies. Rabee holds a Master’s in business administration, a BA in Accounting, Accredited Management Accountant certificate and professional certificate in International Accounting Standards. More about Rabee here

Abeer Yaish (Projects Coordinator – Admin Assistant)

Abeer holds a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. She has a wide experience in different sectors including teaching, event management and administrative work .She has been a volunteer In Public Relations sector for one year managing events, Camps and social media working at An- Najah University. Abeer works at Art to Heart as a project Coordinator for many Projects and got many training courses in different fields.