In the context of disability and social marginalization, the art can play a key role in creating cohesion and enhancing social inclusion and equity. Through its main programs, Art to Heart aims to break down social barriers and challenge stereotypes.

The art creates platforms that encourage the disabled people, the marginalized and the disadvantage groups to express themselves freely and advocate for their own rights through creative expressions. On the psychological level, the process of art making is relaxing, therapeutic and has relieving effect. It helps improve self-esteem, develops inter-personal skills and contributes to positive learning experiences and opens up new life-changing opportunities.

Through a diverse range of inclusive art interventions, Art to Heart aims to celebrate the abilities and artistic achievements of Person’s With Disabilities’ (PWD’s) and advocate for their rights. We contribute to mainstreaming PWD into the different sustainable development projects and to empower them socially, economically, and culturally.
We do this through four main program areas including:

Performances and Exhibitions

Training Program

Art For All

Advocacy Program

Drama for Autism Course