Stories From The Heart

Below, we reproduce what writer Maha Shahroury wrote on her Facebook page about her participation in the activities of the “Puppets and Stories” project, which was implemented with a group of persons with disabilities, their mothers and non disabled children. This piece was first presented on stage on the International Day of People with Disabilities in December of 2019:
“These laughters were not in vain.

We laughed, sang and made puppets with love, laughter and pleasure.
Those days that we spent together made us one, no difference, no barrier.
Each of us has a painful story yet “Art to Heart” managed to unify us as one soul.
It’s a rights based soul, yes, rights based …… We have the right to be together, play together, laugh together, and even cry together.
Isn’t life just a book?
Then each of us has a page where we’re entitled to express how we feel;
What give the community to fold our pages without our consent?
At Art to Heart, we opened new pages, started fresh again, filled them with laughter, hopes and love of life;
Life is nothing but sharing;
We read our stories so that you can hear us believing in the saying that ‘if you do not listen to others, who will lend you an ear;’
Now let us open the pages together and listen to our hearts to the minutest details of the story; details of our hearts, for each of us, you and I, we have a sacred black box that means a lot to you;
Thanks to those who helped us find the key to our boxes;
Let’s listen lovingly to those heartfelt boxes…….

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