Project Description

A Success Story

Recycling with “Art To Heart”

“Art to Heart” organized a course titled “Turning waste into Valuable”, with the aim of enabling participants to recycle old objects into artistic masterpieces.
Sanaa Hawamdeh from Al-Ain refugee camp in Nablus was one of participants of the course. She is visually impaired yet she started working at a young age in embroidery and weaving. She participated in this particular course in an attempt to learn something new. Sanaa says: “I got to know new people and socialize through “Art to Heart”. I had it all locked up inside me, through this course I was able to let go, and unleash my creativity. I purchased all the necessary tools for the course and applied what I learned at home under the supervision of the trainer. I made a drawing on a plate and a recycled bottle. The experience was great for me because it is the first experience doing something different other from what I already know.”
Sanaa stresses that “Art to Heart” serves as the gateway to the society, it further empowers individuals through active participation in various artistic and cultural courses and activities. After Sanaa completed the course, she personally pursued working on recycling, explaining that the idea appealed to her. She showed her work to friends and acquaintances, and proposed to them various gift ideas such as recycling plates and cups with the possibility of drawing images upon request. Sanaa adds: “Once I complete 20 pieces of recycled artwork, I will create an online business page in the future and start taking orders generating a new source of income.”
Sanaa concluded by extending her gratitude to “Art to Heart” organization for paving the way for her and putting her on the right track to discover a new passion.