Our Story

Art is the voice of the voiceless, the wings by which they soar, and the nonverbal language that allows the deaf to communicate with the world. Art to Heart is a non-profit organization based in Palestine, founded in 2018 by Ms. Suha Khuffash; a woman with passion for arts who decided to channel her international expertise as an agent of change towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities through art. Art to Heart chose Art as a means through which to generate empathy, understanding, progress, and change; to challenge stereotypes and go beyond the all-too common assumptions regarding what persons with disabilities can achieve; and finally to promote cooperation and dialogue between those with disabilities and their non-disabled peers. In turn, we aspire to create an inclusive environment, enabling persons with disabilities to showcase their work, passion, and potential both within and beyond their community, culture, and country.

Art to Heart seeks to change the narrative and challenge social norms and preconceptions in Palestine regarding those with disability. It is now time to end discrimination against persons with disabilities, to stop perceiving them as objects of pity or charity, and instead recognising, celebrating, and advocating for their rights, their humanity, their inherent value, and their extraordinary potential. Art to Heart seeks to empower persons with disabilities; to fight against social ostracism, stigmatization, and the often-damaging misconceptions that are sadly still quite prevalent; and to inspire both individual and collective expression, representation, understanding, and respect through the humanising influence of the arts.

Today, we are a passionate and dedicated team, working with our partners locally, regionally, and internationally not only to promote integration of those at greatest risk of exclusion and prejudice, but to use art as means through which to express and explain their ideas, needs, and concerns from a rights-based approach.